Terms and conditions

  1. CFF Vişeu de Sus is a privately operated forest railway that exists primarily for the transport of timber. There is no obligation to provide public passenger transport services, to special conditions of transport, nor to specified timetables.
  2. The instructions of the train guard must be respected and followed by all passengers. The train guard is entitled to refuse access to trains in certain cases.
  3. Passengers are permitted to travel only in cars/coaches intended for the carriage of passengers; access to platform wagons, wood-trucks, freight wagons, etc. is strictly forbidden.
  4. Getting onto or off the train while it is moving is strictly forbidden.
  5. Due to the high risk of accident, visitors are not permitted in areas of moving trains, timber handling and forestry activity.
  6. The opening and closing of passenger car/coach windows will be carried out ONLY by the train staff.
  7. For your safety please remain seated while the train is moving.
  8. Travel on tourist trains at CFF Vişeu de Sus is carried out entirely at your own risk. The operating companies R.G. Holz Company and CFF Vişeu de Sus SRL assume no responsibility for the failure of tourists or visitors to observe these basic rules.
  9. Departure times, routes and train stops are subject to the requirements of the forestry industry and changes may occur at any time. Therefore no guarantee of specific transport conditions or travel times is offered, even if such have been previously published or advertised.
  10. Travel is provided using historic rolling stock respecting the required safety standards. The privilege of travelling in cars/coaches of historic value compensates for the lack of comfort that we are sometimes criticised for.
  11. In this context, please show your understanding of possible problems that may occur during the journey and your patience in the case of delays. Furthermore please adjust your personal expectations, taking into account the fact that the journey is made on a historic railway, using equipment built over a hundred years ago.
  12. In the event that the journey is interrupted or cancelled due to weather or technical problems, the Company staff will be available to help resolve complaints
    or with any inconvenience caused. Please stay calm and maintain respect.
  13. Once you have been assigned to your seats it is compulsory to keep the same places throughout the trip (round-trip).